Core Values: F–A–M–I–L–Y



Cave Tools products are the physical manifestation of this value. They are designed to be strong and durable. As people, we also embody mental fortitude because hard work and perseverance is in our blood.



Life is full of adventure if you are willing to step into the unknown. We do things our way and we are not afraid to go up against convention.


Meal Time is Bonding Time:

Barbecue is all about bringing family and friends together to strengthen our connections. When we all work together as a team we can achieve truly great things in life.



Continuous Improvement is woven deep into our moral fabric. We are always looking for new ways to improve our products, the way we do business, and the impact we can make in our communities.



A strong family unit exhibits loyalty. Sure you may fight or get into arguments, but you can always trust that your family has your back. At Cave Tools we're there for each other and we always support our customers in time of need.



Think of how happy and fun things were when you were young. You didn’t take life too seriously, instead you just enjoyed the moment. We celebrate the joyful times in life and vow to always stay young at heart.


Cave Tools now has over 50 unique product lines covering every major barbecue tool and accessory category. Our customers reach out to us regularly to give direct feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the products to better suit their needs. Each product continues to evolve over time as we implement the new features that our customers ask for.

Our Research and Development team has settled into a quarterly rhythm for conducting a deep dive analysis into each product category. We analyze our own products as well as our competitors so we can always have a pulse on the market. This allows us to be the first to market on new innovations and continually rank as the best seller for our current products.


Manufacturing has become a major strategic advantage for Cave Tools and we have developed strong relationships with our manufacturing partners. They understand who we are, what we stand for, and they are in line with our vision. Quality is paramount to our success so we only work with the most respectable manufacturing facilities. We routinely conduct materials testing to ensure we are sourcing the highest quality raw materials available on the market. Every manufacturing batch is held to strict AQL standards for quality control and we are able to spot potential problems ahead of time through mid and post production inspections.


Cave Tools is run by a small team of no more than 15 people. We have a head office in Philadelphia, but the majority of our team members work remotely and enjoy the freedom of location independence. We have a fun, light hearted culture and everyone is in line with our vision and core values. Each year, we get together for an annual company retreat to form deeper bonds and go on adventures together.

Sales Channels

Cave Tools are primarily sold online so we can have greater control over the shopping experience and form direct relationships with each individual customer. We have a strong presence on all of the major ecommerce platforms and our own website generates at least 30% of our overall sales. While our primary market is the United States, we have expanded internationally to generate sales in Europe and South America.


Cave Tools marketing has become synonymous with providing value. We regularly publish new recipes, how to articles, videos, and the best tips and tricks for avid barbecue fans. If you have a question or want to learn a new cooking technique, then Cave Tools is your number one resource online to go to. We treat our content the same way we treat our product development, so only the highest quality information gets published. Our blog articles frequently rank at the top of Google, increasing our exposure and allowing us to reach a wider audience of people.
Over 150,000 people have signed up for our email list so they can receive regular updates from us. People actually look forward to receiving our emails because they are humorous and primarily focused on educating and building a relationship with our customers. We have also curated a large team of brand ambassadors that blog about and review our products for their audiences.

Customer Experience

Buying from Cave Tools is a pleasant experience for our customers. We distribute our inventory across multiple warehouses throughout the country, so shipping is always fast no matter where our customers live. Every order is always followed up with email communication so there is an immediate support outlet to voice any potential concerns. The majority of the time however, the emails turn into one on one conversations where our customers share constructive feedback with us on new products they would like to see and ways to potentially improve upon current designs. We have succeeded in adding a very human element to the online shopping experience and our customers take pride in knowing their opinions make an impact on the direction of Cave Tools.


Cave Tools is generating over $5M in revenue per year with a 20% net profit margin. $4M of this revenue is generated from sales in the US while the other $1M is coming from sales in Europe and South America. We have strategically built up 3 months worth of cash reserves in the bank to provide support against any outside market forces and we are self financing our future growth and expansion.


Cave Tools sponsors a number of competitive barbecue teams that represent our brand in competitions all over the United States. Thousands of people participate in barbecue competitions each year, but at heart, it’s a very tight knit community and word of mouth spreads quickly. Cave Tools has thus become known for our premier quality products among “die hard” barbecue fans throughout the country.


Cave Tools is a family brand dedicated to the art of barbecuing and the family bonds that naturally strengthen during a fine summertime cookout. If Cave Tools can provide durable, well-made products, families will find themselves naturally organizing more time together cooking, eating, and enjoying each other’s company. Cave Tools prides itself in being the platform for bringing family and friends closer together and enabling fun, happy memories for all. In addition to strengthening families, we also help those who may not have access to the same enjoyable experiences as other family units. For this reason, Cave Tools donates a portion of its profits every year towards helping underprivileged families so they, too, may experience joy in their lives.