The Secret to Making Delicious Weiner Schnitzel

Hint: It’s Not The Recipe!

There are tons of good Wiener Schnitzel Recipes out there and they all involve some combination of Meat, Breading, and Butter. The more butter the better!

But the recipe itself is not what separates a mouthwatering Wiener Schnitzel from just another breaded piece of pork. The recipe is just your set of instructions. Think about it, if you followed the same recipe as Gordon Ramsay, do you think your food would taste just as good? Obviously Not!

Why Can’t I Make A Delicious Wiener Schnitzel?

If you’re struggling to make a really good Wiener Schnitzel then the problem is most likely in your preparation. The main factors that affect the taste are going to be the tenderness of the meat and the consistency.

Most people either skip steps in the prep stage or they don’t have the right tools for the job.

Have you ever tried using old pots and pans or blunt objects around the kitchen to try and tenderize your meat? Or even worse, maybe you use one of those old wooden meat tenderizers where the head falls off every time you swing it?

If You Don’t Have the Right Tools for the Job Then You’re Setting Yourself Up for Failure!

The True Secret behind a Good Wiener Schnitzel is How Well You Tenderize the Meat

You absolutely need to have a nice sturdy meat tenderizer mallet. Your meat mallet will allow you to prepare the meat so it is thin and tender throughout.

When you tenderize meat, it breaks down the connective tissues and softens it up. A perfectly tenderized $5 piece of meat will taste like a $20 piece of meat from the grocery store. That’s how important this process is when preparing your Wiener Schnitzel.

When searching for a good Meat Mallet, there are a couple key factors you absolutely need to consider:

  1. Material Type: Meat Mallets come in a variety of materials ranging from Aluminum, Wood, Zinc Alloy, and Stainless Steel. The only material that is Dishwasher Safe is Stainless Steel so this is the only type of meat tenderizer you should buy. The other materials leave raw meat bacteria behind which can be a dangerous health hazard
  2. Weight: Your meat mallet needs to be weighted properly. If it is too light it won’t get the job done and if it is too heavy it will obliterate your Wiener Schnitzel.
  3. Handle Type: Sometimes your hands can be wet in the kitchen so the handle must be a comfortable nonslip grip.
  4. Mallet Length: It needs to be large enough to get the job done, but also small enough that you can easily store it in your kitchen drawer or hang it up

Save Big On A Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Meat Mallet