Paid Traffic Manager - Job Opening

We're Hiring a Paid Traffic Manager


The primary role of this position is to build new and manage current paid traffic campaigns on Amazon, Facebook, and Adwords to grow our email list.


- Grow Email List from 3,000 to over 10,000 by the end of 2016: We have numerous funnels in place for product coupons, free lead magnets, & cheap trip wire products.

- Manage Amazon PPC Campaigns Profitability: We have developed a unique tool suite that allows you to use data based bid adjustments across multiple campaigns and thousands of keywords in very little time.

- Build New Traffic Funnels Each Time We Release a New Product: All of our funnels are completely templated out so you can get new campaigns up and running quickly

- Set Up and Manage Remarketing Campaigns

Position Competencies:

- You have a proven track record of building and managing profitable paid traffic campaigns (We will do a reference check)

- Ability to create unique ad creatives and split test for conversion

- Experience with paid traffic campaigns on multiple platforms like: Amazon, Facebook, Adwords, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. You don’t need to be an expert on each platform, but you must understand the different intricacies and user bases on each platform.

- Strong Excel skills needed for analyzing campaign performance

Cultural Competencies:

- Honesty & Integrity: We are trusting you with our ad budget. Honesty and transparency is expected in all communications

- Continuous Self Improvement: What books, blogs, and courses have you taken to increase your skill level?

- Take Initiative: Be the type of person that takes initiative. If we have to hand hold you, this relationship will not work out

- Merit Based Opportunity: Your ad budget will increase based on your performance and we will provide incentives each time you hit new goals

Why Work For Cave Tools

- Location Independence and Freedom: This position is 100% location independent. You can work from home, coffee shops, or on the road. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, show up to regular calls, and are prepared to deliver on agreed upon outcomes, you will be a good fit.

- Expand Your Skillset: We provide on the job training to help you develop new skills while you test and experiment with advertising campaigns across multiple platforms

- Career Advancement: Cave Tools is a quickly growing company on pace to triple our number of product lines by the end of 2016. There are plenty of career advancement opportunities for internet marketing savvy people

To apply, please send an email with the Subject Line "PPC MANAGER"  Failure to follow this instruction will disqualify you for the job