If Your Grill Looks Like This Please Read On – Your Health Depends On It





Over 80% of households in the US own grills and the majority of them look like this grill or even worse

Old dirty grill grates leave a disgusting taste on your food, not to mention the incredible health hazard if you’re eating rust like on this grill

Even if your grill has suffered years of neglect and has built up the largest grossest clumps of grease you can imagine, we have a solution for you

Did you know the average American household spends over $40 on grill brushes…per year!

It’s absolutely crazy, and it’s one of the best kept secrets of the big companies like Weber and Home Depot. They sell you a cheap grill brush for $10 and it only lasts for about 3 months maximum before the bristles wear out and it becomes utterly useless. Next thing you know, you’re back at the store buying another grill brush for 10 bucks.

They love it because most people don’t realize how much they actually spend on cleaning their grill each year. They purposely design their products this way to keep you coming back for more.

Wouldn’t it be much better and cheaper if you could just buy 1 grill brush that would last you for years?

We thought so! That’s why we spent months talking to thousands (literally) of grill brush customers and getting their feedback on how to make to perfect grill brush. Here’s what we found:

Grill Brush Design:

There are two popular grill brush designs out there on the market today. The first is the square block design. You often find these on the cheap mass produced grill brushes that you can purchase at Lowes or Home Depot. If you are looking for a cheap solution that most likely won’t work, then go ahead and purchase your grill brush from your local store. The reason the square grill brush doesn’t work very well is because after a few uses the front bristles get smashed in. Because of the square block design, the rest of the bristles become useless. This often results in you having to throw your entire weight behind the brush just to get a good clean. If you’re not careful you could damage your porcelain coated or cast iron grill grates.

The second type of design is the 3 sided grill brush design. If you want to buy a durable grill brush that will work for a long time, then this is the design you should choose.  This design is perfect because you can use all of the bristles at once to clean your grill and you can flip it over to use on the other side, effectively doubling the lifespan of your grill brush. You can also use the side to clean deep between the grill grates.


Brass vs. Stainless Steel Bristles:

Grill brushes typically come with either brass bristles or stainless steel bristles. Brass bristled grill brushes are softer than the stainless steel alternative. These used to be popular years ago because stainless steel bristles had a problem of scratching and damaging porcelain coated grill grates. However, this is no longer the case since the stainless steel used for grill brush bristles are now safe for porcelain coated grill grates.

We use the strongest grade stainless steel available to bust through the largest clumps of grease. It’s also 100% safe for porcelain coated, stainless steel, and cast iron grill grates.

Bristle Mount:

The way the grill brush bristles are mounted to the frame is also very important. A few years back there was a big scare because a few people were using grill brushes where the bristles were falling out and getting into the food. When people ingested these bristles it caused health problems and a few people were hospitalized.

Cave Tools has a strong quality control process in place to ensure that our grill brush bristles always stay on the brush and don’t get in your food.

Handle Length (Longer is Better):

This is typically a feature that you don’t realize you need until after you have purchased your grill brush. Short handled grill brushes are not good because it makes it very hard to reach the back of the grill with ease. If you are properly cleaning your grill, then you should have preheated it. With a short handled grill brush your hand gets too close to the heat and can result in burning yourself.

That’s why our grill brush comes with a 21” long handle. You can reach any area of the grill without ever getting close to the heat and burning your hand.

Listen To Real Customers Instead of Corporate Marketing Fluff:

We live in a world where online purchasing and reviewing is very common. This is great because other customers can give you advice on which companies to purchase from. When comparing grill brushes, you should always choose a grill brush with a lot of verified Amazon reviews. No grill brush is completely perfect, so make sure that the brush has at least a few low star reviews. This may seem counter intuitive, but you can learn a lot from reading the lower star reviews. It’s impossible to make everybody happy all of the time, but if the company has good customer service then this will show when they respond to poor reviews.

The Cave Tools Grill Brush has over 200 5 star reviews from verified Amazon Customers. We also follow up with every single customer to make sure they are completely happy with their purchase and are always available if you have any questions

Here is what just a few of our customers had to say:

This brush cleaned my grill exactly as it was described. The bristles are very strong and sharp which makes cleaning those bits of meat that are left behind on the grate. The handle is wonderful for not getting too close to the heat of the grill! This is the best grill brush that we have ever had and I am not giving this one up!” – Christine J.

“This is my second set of grill brushes. It took four years before the first set needed to be replaced. We BBQ lunch and/or dinner nearly every day of the week year round. The brushes are very durable, take to cleaning well and work on a hot grill fantastically. Almost as well on a cold grill.” Jay Rose

“I’ve used my new grill brush two times since receiving it earlier this week, and it works exactly as advertised. The bristles do a great job removing bits of hamburger and steak from my grill. The brush is far easier to use than a “pad” style brush because you don’t have to apply as much pressure to remove gunk from the grill, and the shape of the brush allows you to easily clean the sides of the grates in a way that a pad-style brush cannot. Plus, I got TWO personal emails from the owner of the company. You cannot beat their commitment to customer service. Good product + excellent customer service = a very satisfied customer!” RichmondVA


The Results Will Amaze You


A Strong Guarantee Is Crucial:

When was the last time you saw Weber or Home Depot guarantee the quality of their grill brushes? The answer is NEVER because they know their grill brush won’t last more than a few months!

At Cave Tools we offer a full money back guarantee on our grill brush, that’s how confident we feel that we have the best grill brush on the market. If at any point you feel you have received less value than what you paid for, we will give you your full money back no questions asked.