Tackling the Christmas Turkey, BBQ Style

For those who spend most of Christmas day in the kitchen, the most joyful and celebrated holiday of the year can be very stressful. The day’s chosen chefs will put on a brave face and join in the festivities as often as possible before reluctantly heading back to the task at hand, the all-important Christmas dinner.

I know from personal experience that my mom has always been looking to do a little something different to try and lift some of the burden placed upon her by a family of seemingly starving children gazing upon her every move, as she prepared the carrots or slathered the potatoes in goose fat.

Something a little different this Christmas

I recently heard of the Christmas BBQ. Now don’t be off-put quite yet, give me a chance to explain.

It’s almost seen as a taboo to wheel the BBQ out from the depths of the garage once the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Why is that? It seems mad that we can go from being the grill master one day and then spend the next 6 months hiding in recluse for fear of the barbeque. There are many reasons to giving the barbecue a second life and opening up a whole new range of barbeque recipes. This time with the addition of winter foods to throw on and try out.

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Vegetable Grill



Taming the bird with the BBQ

The usual centerpiece of the Christmas dinner (unless you’re vegan or vegetarian of course) is the traditional turkey. How many times in our lifetimes have we heard or seen firsthand the mayhem the Christmas turkey can bring, and the amount of times a meat substitute from the freezer has had to come into play because the turkey was either dropped, under/over cooked or the bird is bigger than the oven.

Many have tried just cooking the turkey on the basic lidded BBQ and have been amazed by the results. Crispy skin and decadent, juicy meat are the final outcome.

Another wholesome advantage to taking the turkey to the grill is that you’ve just freed up a whole load of space in the oven. For the dedicated chefs tasked with feeding what seems like half of America for one dinner, every pocket of space within the oven is vital to utilize. Making sure your timings are on cue and that nothing is left out for too long is a challenge for most of us, so why not make it that much easier? 


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Christmas BBQ Turkey



Scoring you a 10/10 this Christmas

In addition, using the barbeque also opens up a whole new catalogue of recipes for Christmas dinner. Why not try some barbeque ribs for a Texas style BBQ Christmas. Who’s going to pass up a rack of delicious ribs or even a Korean styled barbeque, so long as you’re confident that you’ve got the knowledge and skills to pull it off and ultimately impress the family on the most prestigious family day of the year. And hey, you might even teach the in-laws a thing or two, and that’s sure to make the Christmas a success.

So this year, if you’re tired of the traditional get-up and fancy something a little more interesting or even if you just like the idea of making the day a little less stressful, why not give the beloved BBQ a try? You’d use it if the sun was shining, so even if it’s not let the BBQ take some of your worries away and grab yourself another glass of eggnog, safe in the knowledge that your turkey (or whatever you’ve decided to cook) will turn out just right, without the unnecessary dramas.


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