Labor Day: Party Ideas for the Party Animal




Labor Day Party Ideas

Labor Day is a very special occasion where we celebrate the achievements of workers during the labor movement. What better than to celebrate this achievement by getting your friends, family or co-workers together and have a party. There is really no better excuse, but to have a nice barbeque and rejoice with one another. So get your grill started because there is nothing better than having an outdoor barbecue on this beautiful long weekend. This Labor Day party article is focused on providing suggestions on Labor Day party ideas. Whether it is recipes, activities or themes; this article provides a guide to help you plan for your next Labor Day bash!

Labor Day Activities

Labor Day Activities

There are multiple options to pick from when planning activities your Labor Day party, get-together or however you would like to call your social gathering. Activities also take a good sport to get everyone together, so be enthusiastic when suggesting playing games with your pals. Really great team activities are: flag football, volleyball or softball. Additionally, you can change locations to have your Labor Day party instead of having it at your house. It is great to have a barbecue party at a state park, local park or even at your local swimming pool when you can rent a space. There are so many options to choose from when deciding where to have your fiesta. Furthermore, if you expect to have children at your party, make sure to have games for that young age group. You can provide this group with filler activities such as bubbles, chalk, kites, things to draw or paint, play-doh or other little things to keep them occupied.

Labor Day Recipes

Labor Day Recipes

Now let’s get to the real important stuff that always sets the tone for the party… the food! Labor Day is all about getting together and supporting one another, but taking that party outside near a grill is the best thing. Here are some grilling recipes that are simple and will really wow your guests! Perfect Burger Here is the link to a perfect burger by the famous chef Bobby Flay. This is a very simple and easy recipe that any rookie griller can master! Chili Dogs When is the last time you had a really good chili cheese hot dog? Well get ready to impress your guests because this chili dog recipe by Tyler Florence will knock their socks off! Sweet Cola Ribs Here is a fresh take on ribs that will change up menu instead of serving the classic flavor of ribs. This recipe is easy and simple just like a stated about, but all it requires is a little prep time in advanced before cooking! These ribs by Patrick and Gina Neely are outstanding!


Labor Day Party Theme Ideas

  Nothing is more fun about a party than when a theme is involved in the mix. It breaks the ice, gets people more involved and it always makes for a great time. Some party themes that could really be easy to pull off are a Hawaiian party with tiki torches and leis (floral necklace), Mexican fiesta, beach party theme or a dressed in all-white dress party. Themed parties a wonderful way for people to mingle and have a great time on a beautiful day! Now, that you have an idea of how to prepare for the celebration of our American labor movement. Keep an eye out for a Memorial Day party guide to set you in the right direction when it comes to planning!  

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