Different Types of Charcoal: The Ultimate Guide

When preparing to make a barbecue for dinner or an event, and you happen to use a charcoal grill. There is more to consider than selecting bbq items that are going to be on the menu. Selecting what kind of charcoal you will be using is very important because it determines the experience and flavor that will be charred onto your meat. There are multiple types and brands to select from when looking for charcoal that is right for you and this blog is centered around charcoal reviews to point you in the right direct towards favorable charcoal types that are on the market today.

Charcoal Briquettes

Top Charcoal Brands

Natures Mesquite Charcoal This is a very reliable charcoal that is very easy to light which is a great quality to have for charcoal because it makes your life easier. Furthermore, this charcoal is very easy to spread. The smell of this charcoal is mild and very pleasant, and this charcoal burns to higher temperatures compared to other charcoal. It is recommended to solely use this charcoal on beef and to never smoke with this type of charcoal. What is also nice about this charcoal is that it has a low ash production which makes maintenance easier and it is known to be one of the best mesquite charcoal brands. Rockwood Lump Charcoal This brand of charcoal is a great “bang for your buck.” The burn time of this charcoal last a very reasonable amount of time and little ash is produces in the process. The smoke flavor this charcoal gives up is not over powering and delivers a nice smoky flavor. The only downside is that this charcoal could be difficult to start. Dragon Breath Lump Charcoal This is an all-around great quality charcoal that has everything you are looking for in a high quality brand charcoal. This charcoal is easy to light, has a long burning duration, and leaves a low amount of ash residue. This charcoal presents a nice hardwood smell and gives a nice oaky/hickory flavor to your food. Do not pass this charcoal up if you see it at your local store shelves.

Best Charcoal for Grilling

On the market today, the greatest quality all in one brand of charcoal is Stubb’s 100% All-Natural Bar-B-Q Charcoal Briquettes. This brand is the “mac daddy” of charcoal bands available on your store shelves today. This brand hits all the qualities you want in your charcoal. It has a high burning time, produces low amounts of ash, easy to control the temperature it produces, and great for charring and searing steaks. This charcoal is priced around $1.20 per pond which is very reasonable and it is made from 95%  hardwood charcoal and 5%  corn starch binder. You cannot possible go wrong with this brand of charcoal!

Look for this packaging when searching for the best charcoal!

Charcoal Brands to Stay Away From

Stay away from all types of charcoal that come from the Kamado brand. This brand is not very good, regardless of all their attempts at upgrading their charcoal. They are known for producing charcoal with a low burn time, ash production was at an alarming abundance, and charcoal that is very difficult to light. Additionally, this brand tends to produce coconut charcoal which is supposed to give off a strong and sweet odder. This charcoal brand has failed to deliver that quality flavor which is ideal for chicken. Nothing positive comes out of this charcoal brand.

This brand focuses on coconut charcoal

Now that you have an idea of what charcoal that will suit your grilling needs. You are ready to purchase the charcoal that will complement your next feast! Make sure you light your charcoal properly because that could be the make or break to saving money on charcoal.

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