Best Charcoal Grill Buyers Guide

Summer time has arrived, and it is the perfect time to grill outside. During this time there is nothing like the taste of a hamburger, hot dog or ribs on the grill. Furthermore, there is nothing like the classic taste of the charcoal flavor that is given off from a charcoal grill. But which charcoal grill can give you the best experience? It is simply depends on what you value out of a grill. Perhaps it could either be the price, quality, or a grill that comes between those values. There are multiple options and brands, and this blog is aimed to guide you towards a reliable charcoal grill.

What is charcoal?

Charcoal is a light black form of waste that consists of carbon and any leftover ash. It is produced through a slow heating process with low oxygen levels.  Charcoal comes in different forms: lump charcoal (made straight from hardwood material), briquettes (compressed charcoal made from sawdust and other wood parts), hexagonal sawdust briquette charcoal (compressed sawdust without binders or additives), extruded charcoal (made by forcing out ground wood or carbonized wood into logs), and Japanese charcoal.  Japanese charcoal is categorized into three types; white charcoal (very dense and gives off a metallic sound), black charcoal (or “black magic” is an activated charcoal), and Ogatan (is made from compressed sawdust.) Additionally, charcoal has been used for different circumstances besides cooking our favorite summer meals. Charcoal has been used for medical purposes, artistic work, and fueling. Charcoal is actually the most historical form of fuel such as smelting iron in furnaces.

Top Charcoal Grills

There is a lot to consider when looking for the perfect charcoal grill. The size, style, functionality and most importantly the price! This quick overview will help break down different styles of the top charcoal grills available on the market today. Primo Oval Ceramic Charcoal Grill This charcoal grill is known to be the only American made charcoal grill in the world. It provides a large area to grill an abundance of food and has the functions to enable smoking and baking. This grill is priced around $1200.

Can functions as a low and slow cooker on extremely high heat.

Weber  One-Touch  Charcoal Grill This is a very large grill that makes room for larger meats such as a full sized turkey. Not only is this a great quality grill manufactured by Weber that provides reliable grills. The price is phenomenal and goes for around $100-$150. This is one of the most affordable grills on the market. Portable Kitchen Charcoal Grill and Smoker This is a stylish charcoal grill that has a steel finish. This grill can be used to smoke and roast, and it is known for its great performance. Furthermore, this grill is known to have a long lifespan compared to other grills and a great price, $300.

This charcoal grill is also a smoker.

Charcoal Grill Reviews

Overall, a charcoal grill is a man’s best friends when summer time rolls in. The taste factor that a charcoal grill offers is spectacular and unique compared to other grilling options. When using a charcoal grill; you can bake, poach, roast and braise. Although, a charcoal grill can take a while to reach a high temperature and it could be easy to ruin your meats because of difficulties controlling the high temperature. Regardless of minor inconveniences, there is nothing like a classic charcoal grill to kick off your summer grilling adventures. Just be safe, and always look out from charcoal grilling tips to be come a master griller!

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