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Father’s day is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking of some unique gift ideas for dad. It doesn’t matter if you’re a son or daughter or if you’re an adult or a child. The best gifts for dad always have to meet the following criteria:

Original and Unique:

Most people give their dads the same type of gifts for every holiday. A new wrench/screwdriver, new pair of socks, and clothing come to mind. While these are good gift ideas, they are not original or unique. A man can only have so many screwdrivers and business socks. Try getting your dad something unique that he isn’t expecting and he’ll not only be surprised, but it’ll be something he remembers.

Long Term Usability:

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying gifts for guys is that they choose one-off type of funny gag gifts. Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves funny gifts, but if you truly want to get the best gift, it has to be something they can use for a long time. Gift cards fall into this category as well. Paying for a nice dinner out is great, but it can only be used once. When next year’s father’s day comes around, do you think your dad will remember you gave him a gift card?




Good Price Range:

The price range for a good father’s day gift really depends on how much you want to spend on your dad. Some people will tend to spend more, while others will spend less on a gift. Typically, a really good father’s day gift will be in the $15 - $35 range. This opens up a lot of different types of gift ideas without being too expensive that it will break the bank.


So What Is The Best Gift For Dad?

We may be a little bit biased, but we honestly feel that bbq products are the best gifts for dad. Whether you purchase a wire grill brush, bbq tools set, or a digital cooking thermometer, all of the criteria for a great gift are met. Cave Tools products are original, they have long term durability and will be used often, and they are reasonably priced for anyone’s budget.


Father’s Day Gift Coupon:

If you would like to purchase Cave Tools as a gift for your dad, make sure to use “cart20” at checkout to receive a special Father’s Day 20% off savings. This coupon code works for the grill brush, grill set, and cooking thermometer.


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