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Portable Vertical Rotisserie Grill

The first release of the new line of full size grills that Cave Tools is launching is finally here: The Portable Vertical Rotisserie Grill. This grill is 100% made in the USA. You can really tell the difference in the craftsmanship and welding in this grill from the mass-produced grills that are made overseas. The first thing you will notice on the grill is the clean stainless steel Cave Tools logo that’s welded onto the side of the grill. Next to this you will notice a durable latch that holds everything in tact.


This grill is completely portable. You can take it to concerts, tailgates, the beach, anywhere you want! It’s super lightweight and easy to carry around. On the top of the grill there is a thermostat and an air vent so you can keep your meats cooking at the perfect temperature. Open it up, and you’ll see the stainless steel grate. This grate is very heavy and really shows the craftsmanship of the durable welding. The grate is made of thin pipes of stainless steel so you won’t be left with giant black marks on your meat. Below the grate is the charcoal pan. This is where you put the charcoal to grill regularly.

Cook Vertically

This is one of the only vertical rotisserie charcoal grills on the market! On the side you of the grill there is knob that can be locked in place, which allows you to stack charcoal up in the grill vertically. As you’re heating up your charcoal in the grill there are 2 removable metal hooks you can use as a prep station. The motor is attached conveniently on the side of the grill to keep your meat spinning and cooking evenly throughout the whole grilling process. The beauty of a vertical rotisserie grill is that when grease and fat falls from the meat it doesn’t create flare-ups that burn your food. This grill provides consistent heat from the charcoal 100% of the time. When you close the top it smokes the meat for even more added flavor. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Rotisserie grilling is the best way to add the most flavors to your meats. We cooked a 7-pound chicken rotisserie style and it was the best chicken we’ve ever had. It turned the bland chicken into meat full of flavors and natural juices. Check out the Vertical Rotisserie Grill here  

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