How To Grill A Turkey

Guide: How To Grill A Turkey

Tradition has its fans, but perhaps this time you'd like to try a twist to your turkey recipe. If you have a grill and enjoy the smoky flavor of grilled meats, why not try learning how to grill a turkey this year? It is not merely feasible, it can be rather easy and it delivers a delicious flavored bird to your table. Plus, having the turkey on the grill as an alternative to the oven leaves you with all of the room you need to prepare the rest of your dinner in less time. Once you are ready to purchase your turkey, the very first factor to think about is the size of your grill. You do not want a bird that's so enormous that it can't fit on the grill rack. Ideally, the turkey you pick should sit on the grill and also the lid should close without touching the bird. Prepare and stuff the turkey as you normally would. Place it on the grill so that it is positioned over one burner that you can turn off. Turn that burner off and also the other burner or burners on. Considering that you can't truly "flip" a turkey, you want the turkey to cook by indirect heat, not by a direct flame underneath it.





how to grill a turkey

How To Add Flavor To Your Bird

To get a smoky flavor use wood chips. If you haven't used wood chips just before, they're easy to use. Just soak them in water to ensure that as they dry out from the heat of the grill, they'll release a flavored smoke that infuses the turkey. You'll be able to buy a tray which is created for putting wood chips on the grill or it is possible to make 1 your self from heavy duty aluminum foil. Take the wood chips out of the water and put them into your tray. Put the tray on the grill over the lit burner. Next, close the lid completely if possible. If not possible, prop the lid up just enough to keep it from touching the turkey. Then cover the remainder of the opening with aluminum foil. If heat gets out you'll almost certainly need to cook the turkey longer. Even so, the foil creates enough of a barrier so the smoke is kept circulating inside the grill and flavoring the turkey. The time needed to cook the turkey will vary depending on whether or not you had been able to fully close your grill. If you cannot, you might need to boost the heat on the other burner or burners to try to make up for the lost heat by having to prop open the grill. After about 1 hour of cooking, rotate the turkey 180 degrees to ensure even cooking. As with any method of cooking poultry, it's critical to make sure the internal temperature of the meat reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally you need to use a meat thermometer to monitor the temperature as you cook. Don't be afraid to experiment with different seasonings, stuffing and sauces – try your grilled turkey with this homemade barbecue sauce for an unforgettable dish. If you are feeling more adventurous, try incorporating grilled shrimp into your next dish or you can always follow our guide for how to barbecue wings.


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