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Grilling Recipes To Die For

The NFL going to be upon us soon enough and regardless of where your home team is, no game is complete without tailgating. And, yes, tailgating can happen indoors, far from an actual tailgate. A quality tailgate experience can make or break game-day and everyone knows an awesome tailgate isn’t complete without these classic game day grilling recipes! So chill your drinks and throw on your favorite jersey and include these heart-warming classics at your next tailgate.

BLT Burgers

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Sinful Burger



Amp up simple burgers with bacon and a ketchup-mayonnaise-mustard sauce. The bacon, wrapped around the burger, cooks with it while on the grill, so there's little prep.


Buttermilk Chicken with Crispy Cornflakes

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Marinated Chicken



Spicy Tabasco sauce helps balance out the sweetness of the chicken, which is marinated overnight, then grilled, brushed with butter, and rolled in crispy cornflakes. It's a great alternative to fried or barbecue chicken.


Barbecue Beef Kebabs

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BBQ Beef Kebab



Crisp Golden Delicious apples and musky cider vinegar add pizzazz to the sweet-and-savory coleslaw paired with these beef kebabs.


Grilled Chicken, Tomato, and Onion Sandwiches


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Decadent Grilled Burger



Except for the olive-oregano relish, all the components of this chicken sandwich are grilled — the chicken, tomatoes, sweet onion, and even the bread — making for the ultimate tailgate sandwich.

Turkey Burgers with Spicy Pickle Sauce

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Spicy Pickled Burger



For those tailgaters looking to keep it healthier, these turkey burgers are just right. Prepare the easy spicy pickle sauce — Greek yogurt, dill pickles, and pickled hot peppers — ahead of time and serve with the rest of the toppings for a lean but luscious burger. A wide variety of food like this is sure to be a hit at your next tailgate party. Not only will you be able to supply the best food your guests have ever seen at a tailgate but you’ll also be able to enjoy these delicious dishes yourself.


Whether you’re hosting a small or large tailgate, a successful party requires a game plan. So prepare like the pros, stick to your strategy and everything should go your way. With that being said, make what you can in advance so you're not trying to finish everything at the last minute before kickoff. Remember, when you're feeding a lot of people, variety is key: offer vegetarian meals as well as foods with meat in them, offer spicy and mild versions of your dishes, and keep in mind that just because you don’t like a certain food, it doesn't mean your guests feel the same way. You're also going to want to remember all of your tailgate tools. One of the most effective and simple tools that can help you with your next tailgate is this perfect tailgating tool. Finally, make sure you have plenty of nonalcoholic drinks on hand for the designated drivers.


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