How To Plan a Tailgate

what to bring to a tailgate

Know What To Bring To A Tailgate

The NFL draft is getting everybody ready for football season, and you know what football season means: it’s time to tailgate. Tailgating is almost as important as the game itself. What’s better than getting together with your friends and family on game day to eat, drink, and participate in one of America’s favorite pastimes? For the perfect tailgating party, there are some important things to remember. In addition to coming up with your different food ideas, here’s a list of things that every tailgater must have.

Chairs To Relax Your Legs

what to bring to a tailgate

It always seems like there is never enough to go around. Either someone brought another person you weren’t expecting or there’s a friendly neighbor who ends up showing up. Either way, someone normally ends up sitting on the cooler. So when you pack for the big game, bring your own chair and throw in a few extras just in case.

Canopy Tent To Protect You From The Sun

what to bring to a tailgate

Even though football season is in the fall, there could still be a few hot days lingering. In that case, bring a canopy tent that’s easy to put up and take down and is big enough to provide cover from the hot sun. No one wants to sit outside and bake so tents are a must.

Blankets To Keep You Warm 

what to bring to a tailgate
On the days where the sun isn’t shining and the cold weather starts to move in, you’ll thank yourself when you pull out some blankets to keep warm. Pack some extra blankets for the tailgate. Fleece blankets are cheap and readily available so they’re perfect to hide away in the car until someone gets a little too cold. To be a superstar, throw in some hand warmers to the supply list.


Trash Bags For Clean-Up

what to bring to a tailgate
This is something almost everyone forgets about because of the availability of public trashcans in the parking lot. But, if it’s a big game, those cans normally fill up quickly. So be sure to pack your own trash bags, more is always better.

Toilet Paper For Those Desperate Times

what to bring to a tailgate
This may be the last thing that’s on your mind when packing for a tailgate but the one-day it comes in handy, you’ll thank yourself. Portable toilets always run out especially at big events where people are drinking. On a hot day, add water to the mix and the toilet supplies run low fast. Throw in a couple extra rolls just to be sure. Now that you know what to bring to a tailgate, you can say goodbye to the days where you would find yourself asking why you forgot something. Keep in mind, these few things are just extras. There are definitely some other must haves like a grill, tongs, classic game day recipes, coolers, cutlery, condiments, and so forth. But to ensure you provide a comfortable experience for everyone involved; add these extra supplies and you’ll be good to go.


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