How To Make Your Tailgate Stand Out

make your tailgate stand out
Tailgate Partying



Learn How To Make Your Tailgate Stand Out

If you have gone to a football game this season you have probably seen some pretty awesome tailgates. But what is it that makes these tailgates so envious? Some of the standard tailgate requirements include good food, great company and even better team spirit. These tips will help take your party to the next level and make your tailgate stand out among the rest of the pack.

Be Noticeable

make your tailgate stand out
Stand Out!



This may be a bit obvious but the biggest, loudest and most active tailgate party will draw the attention of everybody. Fly flags on huge flagpoles. Hang banners and streamers with the home team’s colors. Break out the home sound system and blast some music. Nothing attracts people more than loud music and people having a good time. Play tailgating games that are fun and will draw attention. Lastly, have a unique and noticeable tailgating accessory on hand to attract attention.

Girls Are A Necessity


make your tailgate stand out
Sexy Ladies



Having girls at a tailgate party will help you stand out – not to mention the added fun girls bring. Which tailgate party would you rather go to? The tailgate party with 10 guys with beer bellies and male pattern baldness telling stories about how great of a high school football player they were? How about tailgating with a bunch of girls playing beer pong?

Serve Unique Tailgating Food

make your tailgate stand out
Grilled Barbecue



In order to have a good tailgate you need to have a tailgate party menu that stands out. Everyone else has hot dogs and hamburgers. Yawn.! Try something out of the ordinary. If you are doing some NFL tailgating and your team is playing the Buffalo Bills, serve buffalo burgers. If you are doing some baseball tailgating and your team is playing the Arizona Diamondbacks, serve barbecued rattlesnake. You get the point. Exotic food choices will make your tailgate standout more than the guys serving baby back ribs smothered in barbecue sauce out of a plastic bottle.

Have A Solid Theme

make your tailgate stand out
Pick Up Barbecueing



Some college football games run in conjunction with Homecoming. Normally Homecoming weekends have some sort of theme. For example, Kansas State University held their annual tailgating competition, whose theme was “Magic in Manhattan”. Some tailgaters dressed up their pets complete with magician’s top hats and even performed impromptu magic shows throughout the tailgate. If there is a theme, make sure you know what it is and incorporate it into your tailgate party. Now that you know how to make your tailgate standout, you have to make sure you know what to bring to a tailgate!



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