Best Type of Cooking Thermometer to Buy

A Cooking Thermometer Is Key

There are a numerous types of thermometers available at grocery, equipment and kitchen stores. Knowing what type of cooking thermometer to buy isn't common knowledge. Although every thermometer preforms the same function, it's important to select the right thermometer for your cooking application. The following information will help you choose the right one.

Digital Probe Thermometers


type of cooking thermometer to buy
kinds of cooking thermometer



These remote devices send temperature readings from a probe left in the meat to a digital reader out of the stove. This thermometer has a probe which remains in the food while cooking, allowing you to monitor the temperature externally without opening the oven.

Pop-Up Thermometers 

These thermometers are not very accurate and are not advised. This spring-loaded device is placed into the meat at the beginning of preparation. As the food is cooked, the firing mechanism on the inside is warmed up. Once the mechanism reaches a safe temperature, the stem in the thermometer “pops up,” indicating the food is ready.



Instant-Read Digital Thermometers


choose the best cooking thermometer



An instant-read thermometer is the most effective at establishing when your food is prepared. The digital instant-read thermometers only needs to be used toward the end of the cooking time- they're not created to remain in the food as it cooks. The majority of them have to be placed simply a half-inch deep, which allows them to be used of on a wider variety of foods such as burgers, pork chops, steak and chicken.


When searching for the perfect thermometer, make sure to look for large easy-to-read dials, shatter-proof clear lenses and calibration options. Other options to keep an eye out for include dual probe, timer and remote beeper. If deciding on the right type of thermometer is giving you  a hard time, check out the top 5 cooking thermometers of 2014!





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