The Best Ways to Clean Gas or Charcoal Grills

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Of course, it is very important that you maintain the cleanliness of your gas or charcial grills every now and then. To be able to this, all you need is just some rag, a wire grill brush, and cooking oil. Just having all of these materials isn't the golden ticket to a clean grill- here are the best ways to clean gas or charcoal grills.

The Routine Maintenance

To avoid bacterial build-up caught from left over foods into the grates routine brushing is a must. You’ll need a brass wire brush for clearing and cleaning the surfaces. After each use, soak and wash the brush in hot water with soap. Dry it by hanging the brush upside down on a grill hanger. This ensures the bristles will last longer. Once dry, keep the brush indoors to avoid weather exposures to the bristles.

Once you’re done brushing the grill and the grates had cooled down, spray it with tad of cooking oil. This will help the grill from rusting and ensures it last longer. Don’t have cooking spray? Grab a rug poured with ample amount of oil and wipe down the cast iron grates.

As it is possible that it can also accumulate grease and food that may lead to uneven temperature along the surface, cleaning the burners is also a must. Once the burners have cooled down, scrub it evenly using a wire brush and clean around the ports to ensure food and grease haven’t piled.

Barbecue grease is highly flammable and may cause fire or heat up all surfaces, including the handles. Thus, cleaning out grease traps is necessary.

When cleaning charcoal grills dump all ashes and used charcoals after each use. Then, clean the insides using a wire brush. Ash catcher needs cleaning as well. Keeping the bed of the grill clean cuts down excess smoke and eliminates giving the food bad flavours.

The Semi-Annual Cleaning

Aside from routine cleaning, it’s also a witty move to dismantle your grill and give it a thorough cleaning, several times all throughout the year. When cleaning your gas grills, wheat you need to do first is to disconnect the propane tank. Afterwards, soak the grates in water with soap, then scrub. Using a steel wool pad you can clean the dirty racks. Once done with the cleaning, you need to get rid of any residual cleaning supplies by turning it on and letting it cook for about 10 minutes.

While you’re at it, check the chassis for rust. You can get rid of that rust easily using a stiff wire brush or a steel wool pad. Additionally, inspect the joints, fasteners, and connectors to make sure they aren’t corroding. It’s also a brilliant idea to check the hinges, re-tighten fasteners, and replace grill appendages (wheels, handles, and knobs).

Polishing the Grill

If you want to polish your grill, all you need is some baking soda and sponge. Clean off the exterior surfaces using the sponge sprinkled with ample amount of baking soda. To remove grime and build-up, you can gently rub an aluminum foil along the grill. Grill-safe paint is a smart choice to replace any missing paint.


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