The Top 10 Grilling Rules All Barbecue Chefs Live By


grilling rules
Grilling Rules



Barbecuing is a combination of practice, art and technique. It has to be done carefully. There are grilling rules to be followed to accomplish the best grilled meal and satisfy the appetite of your guest/s.

Gas versus charcoal:

These 2 different techniques offer different barbecuing experiences. Whilst gas could be hassle-free for others, charcoal has its own benefits to think about. An even temperature should be reached. Hence, prior to grilling, preheating is vital. While Gas grills just take approximately 15 minutes to preheat, charcoal grills take longer with approximately 30 minutes preheating before you could reach the proper temperature level. However, make certain to have a cooler side or "dead location" where you could put the food in case of flare-ups, or to cook the food in a slower speed. And remember to have extras if ever you run out of charcoal or gas so you can not interrupt the next-door neighbors.


Get the chosen food to be cooked in advance. Let it rest for 30 minutes. Prepare the equipments needed near the barbecue location. You'll need a long-handled tong, a metal spatula and basting brush. The skewers should be soaked in water for a minimum of 20 minutes beforehand. This will avoid the skewers from burning.

Selection of Food:

Select meat with well-balanced distribution of fats throughout the muscles (marbling). The marbling melts into the meat as it grills and creates a tender, savory steak. Get rid of excess fats before barbecuing due to the fact that fats have a tendency to trigger flare-ups. When cooking vegetables and fruits, be sure to grill them at the cooler side because they are easily cooked.

Tidy and Clean:

Don`t forget to clean the grill prior to and after barbecuing. This is important for attaining deliciously cooked food and for the basic security of your health. To prevent foods from sticking to the barbecue grill grates, spray a non-stick food spray on them before barbecuing, or use a paper towel dipped in grease to apply over grill grates.


Keep the grill away from flammable things such as lighter fluids or anything that might cause fire immediately, and your house.


Ideally you just require to flip the fish or meat just once, and turning the food is necessary to even cooking. However, turning frequently may ruin the food as it not only decreases cooking, but also results in tough, dry food.


Applying sauces before barbecuing is a big no-no. It does not only cause flare-ups but also provides the food a burnt-taste especially with those sauces that are consist of sugar which can quickly burn the food. Generally, sugar-based sauces need to be applied at the end of the grilling process. However, oil-and-vinegar and citrus-based marinade can be applied all throughout the grilling process.

Allow it to Rest:

Let the food barbecue rest for approximately 5 minutes prior to serving. This permits the tastes to redistribute equally.

Cooked or not:

In checking if the food is all ready to be served on the plate, use a thermometer. The perfect temperature level for steak or chops is 145°F.


Prepare snacks like cheese and chips for your guest to keep them amused while you're still grilling. This will provide you more time and prevent pressure from your starving guests.


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