Learn How To Prevent Flare Ups On Your Barbecue Grill


How To Prevent Flare Ups
Prevent Flare Ups



Grilling flare-ups can be dreadful if it happens. When oil from fats drip into the grill, it will ultimately ignites. This might pose as a direct danger to whatever is on the barbecue grill as this could burn the food easily and will affect the scrumptious taste of the meat. But hey, no worries because there are approaches to lessen the threat of your food getting ruined.

  1. Two-Zone Method-- when barbecuing make sure that you have a cooler side or "dead spot," the location of the grill without coal. Therefore, you can relocate the meals in this side easily. When the flare-up decreased, you can put back the food over the location with coal and resume barbecuing.
  2. Cover-and-Wait Method-- fire requires oxygen to make it through, true! Hence, the flare-ups supply needs to be put out. This is applicable when you have no two-zone fire location. Once you see a flare-up, just cover the grill as quickly as possible. Once done, you can then return to your grilling.
  3. Smart Choices-- if you are not barbecuing lean cuts of meat, it is a good idea that you take all the excess fats that hold on to the meat. Since fat is among the most flammable element and it will be to leave it unattended, removing the fats prior to barbecuing will reduce the chances of the food catching with fire. Thus preventing the chances of burnt food.
  4. Exactly what to Stay clear of-- stay clear of basting the food with excessive amount of veggie oil or marinade prior grilling.
  5. Mindful-- remain focused, alert, and attentive of what is on the grill.
  6. Bottle of water-- while others say it is best to keep a bottle of water next the barbecue grill, it is at best not to spray water during massive flare-ups. Squirts of water will messed up every little thing with ashes flying everywhere, and there's a tendency for flares just coming back.
  7. Fire Extinguisher-- although we want it not to come to this extent, it is not a very bad idea to take into consideration your security. It is for your own sake, your household's, and your home`s that you practice keeping a fire extinguisher close by. You'll never guess when it will helpful.


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