Cleaning Infrared and Rotisserie Burners

infrared and rotisserie burners

Infrared and rotisserie burners are often placed at the back of the barbecue grill. This prevents flare-ups from trickling meat juices, and assures even heat. Bigger chunks of meat like whole chicken, beef roasts, lamb leg and turkey gain added taste when roasted gradually on a rotisserie. Provided the severe heat your infrared burners release, food particles can surely fall onto the burners. For rotisserie burners, the most effective improvement method is to burn off excess grease and detritus. As soon as you done with your grilling, clean your infrared and rotisserie burners by merely turning the grill to high, for about 5 to ten minutes. Cleaning larger messes, mix with water and lemon juice and spray on the grates. For more stubborn dirt, use a pointy razor blade when the burners are turned off and wipe the grates with a clean rag or cloth. You can also do a deeper cleaning by removing the burner. Use a needle or pin to get rid of any detritus blockage on the air holes within the ceramic tiles. As soon as you 're done, take a vacuum over the burner to get rid of any leftover food fragments and detritus. Use the stainless-steel grill brush to scrub the inside walls above the elements or the underside of the hood. That residue that appears like peeling paint is really a harmless accumulation of carbon from grease and smoke. Clean it with a moist paper towel. Getting rid of the food leftovers and debris on the burners should be done right after using. Don't wait for the next grilling session to clean them up. You may not eliminate every little thing once it solidifies on the grill and hence may take you some longer time. In effect, this can trigger delay to your household barbecue and your supposedly enjoyable moment together with friends and family might end up the worst memory ever!


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